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Loose Lips…

My goal list for 2020, 1st thing and most important – register the business name with the state and form the LLC…2ndly, create the business account…lastly, but continual, branding and marketing material….January – check one….

As February approached, my ambition received its’ first attack….I sold a bottle of Face Toner to a customer at my work place [harmless and happens everywhere, but technically against workplace conduct]….

I’m at my desk working, but in an environment where I am typically interrupted, and at times, subjected to asinine conversation…especially by this particular person who was temping in my office…in one of his many visits to my desk, he decides to initiate a conversation about his use of argan oil on his face…asked if I heard of it…ever used it etc….I told him that I make my own moisturizing oil and I would bring him a sample…handed him my product card.  The next day…he stops by my desk, tells me how he checked out the website and was interested in purchasing my product [fine with me]…I recommended the Face Toner…it’s cool and calming especially after shaving…brought his bottle in with me to work and delivered….

Over the course of the next few days, he raves about the product…tells me it can be revolutionary…has ideas to help build my brand [sure email me, I’m open]…clearly inspired [as mentioned in email]….The following week, he decides he wants to make his own product…stops by my desk to show me his DIY lip balm and face cream…he tells me his ingredients which included a mix of baby oil, Vaseline, vitamin E, (expired) collagen…attempts to apply this lip balm for me out of an old tube of some previous lip product…tells me how it can also be used as an eye cream….In another recycled jar, is his vegan face cream…clearly made with turmeric by color….during this same week, he’s trying to perfect his product with melted candy – Tic Tac and Life Savors….added a body wash to the lineup…and was trying to figure out how not to turn himself turmeric orange with his cream….

At this point, this is getting kinda comical to me…finally told him that he may want to stop before he hurts himself….I began to become dismissive to his conversation – this was all getting to be a bit much…well, maybe he felt slighted, because he vengefully decided to report me to HR…said that I was soliciting my label-less product [lies] at work, and that he’s pretty sure this is unethical…He alleged that he had an allergic reaction from MY product [not his concoctions – right!]…he even filed a report with the Attorney General [WTF!]…five days after I had filed my business [look at God!]….

Now that all this is behind me…still employed [barely]…no legal liability…Hello March! …and like Nip said, “The marathon continues”….I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason – good & bad!  With that said, thanks to my vindictive customer, I decided to create a new product for lips….

I was already using the Grow & Glow oil on my lips because of the collagen content in the Rosehip oil…and both Rosehip and Sweet Almond will lighten the skin….So just like how my first product taught me about the next…and so on…here I am again – tweaking the contents of the Grow & Glow oil to formulate a product specifically for the lips – E’lixir Fresh Lip LUSTer!….

Lip LUSTer is a lip oil [lip oil is a thing] – not a balm!…Most balms carry a wax substance or are petroleum based which coats your lips…doesn’t allow moisture to escape but doesn’t truly moisturize either –  making you constantly reapply [did you know lip skin doesn’t sweat and it doesn’t produce sebum?]…balms are typically glossy or sticky….Lip oil is not textured like a balm – it glides on the lips…absorbs and nourishes the skin for a penetrated hydration….Coming to the site soon – Stay Tuned!

Left – February 14th; Right – two weeks of Lip LUSTer