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Quarantine Spring…

I can’t believe we are embarking on a new normal…social distancing…face mask[really!?!] I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people who are having a hard time with all of this…Me, on the other hand, feel like a fish in water….I’ve always took the time away from the hustle & bustle of society as it was known…I’m an avid believer in rest and restoration…Saying that to say, this ‘quarantine’ gave me permission to completely embrace the solitude…seclusion breeds opportunity without the external pressure…I took the time to explore deep seated desires of the heart and to practice true self love….

I was fortunate enough to still be employed [even though pre-COVID, my workplace was not one of my favorite daily destinations]…praise God, I was able to work from home….This was a prayer answered because Lord knows that the toxicity of my office environment was really starting the wear on me…everyday before I would enter my building, I had to give myself a pep talk and put on a game face as if I was getting ready to run out onto the field for some play-off game…I didn’t know, on any day, if I was going to be the artist singing the Star Spangled Banner…player on the field…player on the bench [either team]…or a spectator in the stands…now that I’m home and still maintaining the same routine I would if I was going to the office [minus the attire], I realized how mentally taxing it was…which was making me feel physically exhausted….Stressed!

At one point while trying to identify my stressors, I decided that I would get more sleep the night before [maybe I’m just tired] but that didn’t seem to help enough…I had incorporated a more healthier diet [that’s been in the works since losing my mother]…drink a lot of water…eat more raw fruits and vegetables…cut back/eliminate my alcohol intake, sugar, and red meat….I added a regular exercise to help work it off….Of course my E’lixir Fresh skin care products helped me manage not wearing it on my face….All in all, I learned that my actual environment…the people that I spend quite a lot of time around…is a major contributor and by process of forced elimination…a.k.a. quarantine…I was able to really see it….


I was invited to participate in a 21 Day Abundance challenge…ultimately, this was the highlight of my stay-home order….Initially, I thought, “yeah, who doesn’t want more abundance [$] in their life”. Little did I know that in 21 days, I would have learned the art of meditation. For 21 days, I was given a meditation and a journal task to complete and reflect on…some of the task were more challenging and time consuming than others, but I genuinely tackled them….Reflecting on the outcome of the challenge, I was taught to find an inner peace…I looked at pain from the past…personal flaws…relationships…cultural and environmental conditioning…where I am presently…and was challenged to dissect these things in way that my abundance was increased because I am already living abundantly….Peace!

Now that we’re beginning to move toward lifting distancing constraints and reopening society…me eventually returning to the office [mind you I had a whole plan in my mind of how I wasn’t going back]…I can change repetitive cycles through conscious choice…in every aspect. I have a new set of eyes and sense of calm…more gratuitous and appreciative perspective…Irregardless of what or who I encounter, I am perfectly positioned…now lets’ plant some seeds for the promising future….