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Hair Tonic Experiment…

I decided to try an experiment with my Hair Tonic…I made the Hair Tonic late summer right before I went into my ‘straight’ hair season [typically around October when the air is not so humid].  I cut my hair to damn near bald in August [I went through a bleaching phase – looking back it was kinda weird]…but I didn’t want the bleach treated hair…I wanted to grow a new batch of hair and embrace my gray [gray is a color]….now I know it appears that I’ve been dying my hair, but not at all!….I’ve been lightening it with a peroxide and baking soda paste at least once a month [it will lift your natural color at least one level – if you try this don’t leave it on more than an hour]20191013_1602257923849295833628865.jpg…it turned my hair a natural shade of blonde that blends beautifully [I think] with my gray without covering it….

Well, I needed enough growth to have a cute pixie by the fall so I used the Hair Tonic everyday which was okay because it was still warm enough to wear damp hair throughout September [Hair Tonic is water based]…and in a month I had the desired style….Screenshot_20200405-163159_Instagram.jpg

Hair Tonic win…in 30 days!….so now what to do with the Hair Tonic now that I am wearing my hair straight…it’s simple…use it as a leave-in conditioner before styling…[with concentration on the scalp and hair roots]….it will condition the scalp, strengthen the strands and add sheen….

I love a nice pixie cut!…This was the fall look…I continued to use the Hair Tonic after washing my hair along with my normal styling mousse…it was healthy, shiny, smooth…there was definite growth but I kept it trimmed to keep the style neat…as the winter approached, I decided that I wanted more length and fullness around my  forehead….

The hypothesis: Will my hair grow faster with daily use of the Hair Tonic versus once a week use?….

I went back into my curls at the beginning of the Holiday season, so I could start using the Hair Tonic more often…I normally don’t wear my curls during the winter because the air is too dry…too cold for damp hair [in Cleveland]…and I have a lot of hats [I like hats]….I learned one additional thing about Hair Tonic…that using it on my curls during the winter kept my hair and scalp hydrated….I’d wash my hair, spray on the Hair Tonic, and set my curls with my go-to creme gel….I used the Hair Tonic daily, in between washes, to keep the curls refreshed and conditioned….It didn’t saturate my hair and my hair was dry by the time I would leave out in the morning…I opted for my slouchy hats [dilemma resolved]….I wore my curls for two months…kept with the regimen…when I went to straighten it again…I had exactly what I was trying to achieve…another Hair Tonic win!….

The results:  My hair did grow faster with daily use versus the once a week use, however, one bottle is not enough for everyday – I had to refill my bottle mid month.  It is a great leave-in conditioner.  Lastly, it is the perfect natural hairstyle refresher….






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