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A Thank You Note…

fall folliageIn light of Thanksgiving Day…for me it’s the opening act for the most celebratory season of the year….The trees have shed their leaves after presenting death in an array of warm subtle shades of color…branches left bare but the roots protected…in preparation for a new season of re-birth….

The shedding of my leaves took form of learning to refrain from stagnant thought processes…relationships implanted in shallow soil…I watched them slowly die…embraced the calm of deep plum…at the same time aroused by the optimism of orange….

My website is up and running in full effect…now two products to market…customer testimonies…increased sells…but also several questions and critiques….

I’m following responses to a testimony on social media…responding timely and professionally, but there was one comment that stumped me… “She needs to list her ingredients” …I thought if I list my ingredients then I’m giving away my product…I even responded with that thought in mind…the person replied, “…I am a fanatical label reader.” ….I went back and forth with myself on this for a few days…told myself I was going to stick to what I was doing [stubborn Taurus]…but that couldn’t be my final stance…it didn’t sit well with me….I went back to the post and saw that a few other people ‘liked’ the comment which meant this person wasn’t alone in their sentiments that I needed to list my ingredients…this lead me to do extensive research on labeling laws….Not only did I learn I needed to list my ingredients on my website, but also on my bottles….After talking myself off the ledge, by realizing listing the ingredients doesn’t give away the formula, I made the changes to the website…replied, again, to the social media comment… “I am always receptive to constructive criticism” …made the suggested changes, and invited this person to visit the site again…designed and ordered the correct bottle labels [this being the 3rd set]….

When I made the Face Toner, it was during the summer…I wanted something lite-weight and able to sustain the heat and humidity…I had a couple of customers say that it wasn’t as moisturizing as they would prefer….When I made the Hair Tonic, I just knew in my spirit that it was going to revolutionize the beard market…even though I kept hearing oil, I stuck with my idea…it didn’t get the love I expected for beards in trial phase [what!? men don’t like to tingle lol]…one customer mentioned having to get use to the smell….

Couple of weeks ago, the winter gave us an appetizer and guess what?…I needed something more moisturizing [humectant] for my face….I can no longer use the Hair Tonic as I did when I initially made it because it is successfully growing my hair [as well as others]…now my scalp and hair also needs more moisturizer….

Being well past the autumn equinox…the social media insight showed me that I needed to shed my current ideology…a stagnant thought process of inflexibility…embrace the colors of it dying by taking heed to the feedback [not all of it – Momma always said consider the source]…created E’lixir Fresh Grow & Glow Oil!…a fragrance free head to toe moisturizer…good for skin, nails, scalp, and hair [Ok, finally a beard oil]….20191130_090811.jpg

I can’t express my gratitude enough for the changes of the seasons…I am truly Thankful for those of you who have supported me [purchased, ‘liked’, shared etc]…encouraged me…provided me with unbiased opinions…we will continue to reap the fruit….

I am even Thankful for those around me who won’t support me…mocked me…doubted and tried to deter me…you’re helping me continue to protect my roots….








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