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Let’s Talk About Tonic…

I was out this past Friday night and one of my customers, who uses the Hair Tonic for his locs, walked up on me…with his spray in his hand and freshened up his hair specifically for me…I smiled and gave him a hug…his hair smelled sooo good and fresh [I’m not just saying that because it’s my product either]…He almost got man-knapped [lol]….Matter of fact, it was overall a good week for the Hair Tonic…received very promising feedback that the Hair Tonic is growing hair and increasing volume in as little as two weeks time!….

Honestly, I made the Hair Tonic on a humble…When I started selling the Face Toner, my customers would always ask how long the 1 fl oz lotion pump bottles would last and I would respond with at least 30 days….My personal bottle of Face Toner was a 4 fl oz spray bottle and I had been using it for almost 4 months…when I started selling the Toner, my personal bottle was less than a quarter full, so I figured 1 fl oz per month….I decided to make myself a 1 fl oz lotion pump bottle of Toner [same as my customers]…I wanted to know exactly how long the Toner would last [I was right – it went about 6 weeks]…but what to do with this 4 fl oz spray bottle…I had just refilled it…throwing out the contents was not an option….

I already knew that the blend was good for hair and scalp health as well…so I started spraying it on my hair…after washing it and as a style refresher….At that point, I realized that I was on to another product…but I wanted a product precisely for hair…so I did more research to tweak the blend to target hair and scalp…it had to have the same aromatic and calming qualities like the Toner…slightly altered the blend and created a formula to make it very different…bought a box of 2 fl oz spray bottles…named it E’lixir Fresh Hair Tonic….

Screenshot_20191024-190403_Facebook.jpgAfter the Face Toner came out, beard oil kept coming to me in conversation…I kept hearing there’s a market for that….At first, I pushed back on the idea…I wanted to make sure that I had a product I could sell…additionally, the E’lixir Fresh brand is gender neutral, but why not the Tonic for facial hair too!?….

I was too excited for this new product…so excited that I cut my hair low [what little bit of length I had]…told myself that I am going to grow my hair back with my Tonic….

August 18, 2019



I delivered Hair Tonic trial bottles to a couple of barbers I knew…waited a couple weeks…it was getting a good response, but not what I was looking for….Finally, one of my customers delivered…his beard was thickening up…looked very healthy with a nice sheen too…it was working!….

Being a natural myself, I knew I could get other naturals to join the ‘mood’ment…and started targeting those with braids and locs….

These days, I am using E’lixir Fresh Hair Tonic more so as a leave-in conditioner…I plan my shampoo days like I would a hot bubble bath [so relaxing]…My hair is growing like wild flowers…I have to trim it at least once a week!…and so the saga continues….

October 15, 2019


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