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The Evolution of E’lixir [part 2]…

I purchased a 4 oz spray bottle [thinking that I would have this morning mist]…great idea, but it made my eyes water [too potent]….I started spraying it in my hand and rubbing it on my face like a lotion…I used it for almost 4 months [yes, I tested it on myself] and the results were amazing…I was addicted to the way it smelled and the way it made me feel…it was so calming and energizing!….

In conversation, I would mention that I made my own facial toner and the response was always, “Do you sell it?” …well, at the time I wasn’t selling it, but started thinking maybe I should….I posted a selfie on my social media, mentioned in the caption that I created a facial toner.screenshot_20190916-213034_instagram3087836271799368752.jpg..started receiving a lot of interest from people who wanted to purchase it….

Back to the drawing board…fluid ounces to teaspoons to milliliters to percentages…conversions [I wanted to make sure it was safe to sell]…Voila!….

I bought a couple of 1 fl oz lotion pump jars…made my first sell July 13th…it was a male customer at that…I gave another bottle to a female friend to trial…both gave me [shockingly] positive feedback….

I progressed to needing to purchase jars by the bulk…more customers and few more trial bottles…started calling the Toner ‘Fresh Face’….I packaged the bottles in plastic…sealing it with an instruction/warning label….Screenshot_20191012-095047_Instagram.jpg

Shake well before use, keep in dark and cool place, not for those with nut allergy [specifically tree nuts but I kept it general], and avoid direct eye contact [which I learned the hard the way]….

Then I realized that I didn’t leave a way for customers to contact me to purchase additional bottles or to give a referral…additionally, I didn’t have any product information to accompany the bottle….Screenshot_20191012-093116_Instagram.jpg

I came up with a brand name – E’lixir Fresh and began creating paper inserts and wrapping them around the bottles with my favorite shade of pink ribbon [message in a bottle]…that became tedious and time consuming…and the pink ribbon was not giving the impression that my product was gender neutral….20191012_100620.jpg

Now on to card stock product cards and white mesh bags…still no logo, just me being crafty with Microsoft Word font and keeping my signature pink present….

On numerous occasions, I heard you need a website…and all I kept seeing were dollar signs…knowing it was going cost money for the domain…I couldn’t do a website without a logo – that cost too…However, I believed in my product and receptive to constructive criticism…cropped-color-logo-no-background-1-6.pngso I chose to invest in myself [for a change]…bought the logo, bought the site and the plug-ins…built it myself...started to completely breathe life into my brand…purchased bottle labels…and created, yet, another product for hair – E’lixir Fresh Hair Tonic….

This coming week, I will now have separate bottle labels – one for the Toner and one for the Tonic…and the labels will have the website on them…I also have custom printed product cards arriving [never thought I would be this excited for stickers and paper]….What’s going to be the next best thing!?


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